Everything you should know about visa subclass 491 before apply

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Immigration or working abroad is a dream for many people around the globe. There is no doubt that working abroad brings you a lot of opportunities and potential support at times. It lets you have a different exposure and access to opportunities. If you are good at the selection of a state and its visa type, you can make a difference. 

Australia is one of the top listed states for the people who are into getting a visa. The country offers you a number of visa options. Visa subclass 491 is one of the working visas that Australia offers for skilled workers. It is an attraction for the workers who want to grow their career abroad. 

Before you apply for the visa, it is essential for you to know a few things about it. These details help you in knowing what can come your way. Eventually, you will be having a smooth working and processing. 

Visa type 

The very first thing to know is the visa type. The subclass visa 491 is not a permanent resident visa for Australia. It is a 3-year temporary visa for skilled workers. A person having this visa can work there and have all the normal proceedings but cannot enjoy all benefits of a permanent resident there. 

Eligibility criteria 

Check out the eligibility criteria for the visa. There are certain prerequisites you have to follow. To access the eligibility clauses you can consult the official Australian immigration site or any local immigration consultant. 

Process timings 

Before applying for the visa, you definitely want to know the time duration for its processing. It is helpful in building up your mind accordingly and you will be having the right ideas. Normally, the process timings for a subclass visa 491 are around six to eight months. You will get responses to your application faster if you are good enough with the eligibility options. 

Occupation and its assessment 

One of the important requisitions for the visa is the occupation list and its assessment. You need to check the occupation list that is in for the visa. If you are able to find yourself in the list, you are good to proceed with the application. 

Remember, every occupation, experience and expertise has their own points. You need to know these points as well. The point calculator helps a lot in getting a better visa response. When you assess the qualification or occupation, you already have an idea about the response to the application. 

Apply with confidence 

If you are into working abroad and want to grow with limitless opportunities, it is time to apply for a subclass 491 visa now. It is one of the major and efficient options for you to process the situation. All you need is to hire the best immigration consultant for the quick processing. Along with some basic knowledge, you need expert advice too. Remember, after working for 3 years in Australia on a 491 visa, you will be able to apply for the permanent working and resident visa there. 

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