Here Are All the Visa Options Available to Migrate to Australia

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Australia is one of the most culturally-rich countries with stable economic growth and advanced educational prospects. The Australian government offers several visa and immigration options to the citizens of foreign countries, including short-term visas to study and permanent resident visas with applicable conditions and requirements. Australian Immigration Consultants in Sharjah can assist you in choosing a suitable visa according to your needs. 

Different Types of Visas Available


ETA (electronic travel authority) has the charge of issuing ETA visas to eligible individuals electronically. Therefore, the applicant is not required to submit the necessary documents physically to the embassy. 

However, Subclass 601 visa is only available to eight countries. The European Union countries are not on the list.

The valid period: ETA visa offers 90 days stay to the holder for tourist, transit, or business purposes with conditions. The visa expires after one year. 

Apply only if: you are visiting your family or friends, have a planned tour, are coming to attend any business meeting or conference, have a contract to sign or negotiate, volunteering in any unpaid social work, etc. The applicant can participate in any training course, but if studying is the only reason to visit, he must apply for a student visa. 

eVisitor Visa

The visa is also electronic, specifically for people who cannot apply for an ETA visa, including the EU and Vatican City. It mainly caters for business or tourism purposes. The applicant is again not required to approach the embassy for this visa. Instead, it will be linked electronically to the applicant’s valid passport. 

The valid period: The traveller can stay for three months on consecutive days within a year. After one year, either he needs to get a new one or ask for a renewal. There is no restriction for application. The applicant can acquire this visa as many times as he likes in his lifetime.  

PR Visa

The citizen of other countries can apply for Australian permanent resident status. He can live freely and carry out his work and studies with zero restrictions. However, the right of voting doesn’t apply to PR status holders; only citizens can vote. The resident must present his status every time he moves out or returns to the country. 

Student Visa

A student visa permits the students of foreign countries to enter an Australian university.This visa is purely for study purposes, and the student can bring his family with him as well. With complete freedom to travel in and out of the country, the permitted student can also participate in paid work to support his studies. 

The valid period: Depending on the study course student is opting for, the standard valid age of the student visa is five years. 

You should have proficiency in English, good health and character to get the visa approval.  Source:

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