How Much Does it Cost To Apply For The Canada Investor Visa?

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Canada has considered one of the best countries in the world for the quality of life this country provides to its citizens. There is a low crime rate, beautiful infrastructure, and amazing living standards and have open doors for the world to come, and live there. Investment based pr in Canada is one of the best ways to get a visa and start a new business and life there. The purpose to create investor visas is to attract investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs from all over the world to Canada. Not only the investor but his whole family gets permanent residency in Canada after fulfilling the following five requirements of the government.

Basic Requirements to Apply for Canada Investor Visa

  • The investor should be able to experience and has expertise in the particular business niche. Canada needs those people who can help the state to grow economically. The investor experience is a must to apply for the visa.
  • The investor needs to have a least net worth of $ 1,600,000 CAD as a bank statement.
  • He also needs to make an investment in the Canadian government.

Talking about the cost, the investor has to make an $800,000 investment and it will be noticed by Canada’s immigration department. And the investor will get the investment back after five years approximately but with zero interest. The investment will be official and guaranteed by the government and provinces. The investment will be used to create job opportunities, help entrepreneurs, and help businesses at pre-revenue states to grow and help in increasing the economy of the country.


The process of the investor visa usually takes less than 30 days once the application gets approved. Once the application is approved and also the investment has been granted, the applicant will receive residency through investment for himself and his family within a month.

The cost can vary depending upon which state and province you are trying to get the visa from. Some states are considered more developed and have high standards for visas.

To summarize, to apply for an investor Canadian visa, the applicant needs to have more than 8 million CAD to invest in Canada for better development, economy, and job opportunities.

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