How to Create a New Company in Dubai?

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Are you an entrepreneur planning to form a new company setup in Dubai? You have made the right choice. Its diverse culture, top-notch living standards, tax-free salaries, etc., attracts people from around the world to live and work there. Along with which the procedure for creating a company in Dubai is effortless, irrespective of your familiarity with the corporate procedures. 

Steps to Sart a Firm in Dubai

If managed properly, the process of starting a company in Dubai is very easy and can get your enterprise standing within a week. Below are the five important steps that are needed to be followed.

Select the type of company activities

The first and foremost thing to do while forming a new business is to select the type of activities that the establishment is planning to do. Make sure to select activities that are in accordance with the ones mentioned in the official DED-The Department of Economic Development functioning in Dubai.

Determine the name of your establishment

This is the next crucial step in the process as the name of the firm is the one that will be your company’s identity from day one. So it is necessary to determine a name that is strictly following all the rules. Do not use similar names of another company; also, avoid using abbreviations when giving the firm your name.

Get the trade licence

To determine the ownership of your firm, you should apply and get a license. You must select from the commercial, industrial, professional, tourism licenses, etc. based on the company’s products or services.

Choose the place of your business

There are different economic areas available in Dubai, including mainland and free zone. You must decide where you are planning to start your company. For this, the person is needed to submit a filled form of application, copies of the owners’ passports, two recent passport-sized photographs.

Take office for rent and obtain the rental contract or ejari

Every company needs an office to function. Based on the number of employees and types of activities done in the company you have to choose the best office to meet your needs. After selecting the place and building for your office, get a contact of rent from the landlord. This will increase the transparency between both parties.

Apply for the visa

It is necessary for everyone to have a visa to work for a company in Dubai. As an owner of the establishment, it is your duty to register and get visas for you and all the employees in your company. The number of visas is depended upon the firm’s size.

Advantages of Setting Up a Company in Dubai

  • It provides a quick and hassle-free business setup process.
  • It is a place with better infrastructural facilities.
  • Top-notch living standards for people.
  • There are no tax payments involved.
  • Can recruit employees from outside the country.
  • Easy process to get the visa.
  • Good support from the government.

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