The Complete Guide for People Visiting Australia from India

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As one of the most visited countries, Australia is a place that many Indians dream of seeing at least once in their lifetime. If you are among them, then contact the abroad visa consultants Mumbai. They will help you apply for a tourist visa, without which you are not allowed to enter the country’s borders. It usually takes only one month to process the same if everything you provide is correct and valid.

This article will take you through the various stages involved in the application process, its requirements, and other essential things you need to know before visiting the country.

Subclass 600 – Streams Available for Indian Visitors

Any person planning to go to Australia temporarily must apply under Subclass 600. The Australia Visit Visa only permits him to stay in the country for a period limit starting from three months. There are three options available in front of him, from which he has to choose one that matches perfectly with his requirements. They are:


It is a permit that allows people who are planning to visit the country. The purpose of the travel must be to visit family members and friends or to travel and see places in the country. Based on your situation you will be allowed to stay there for three months to a year.


Unlike the tourist class, this is applicable only to people travelling to the country for conducting some activities that are related to their business. For example, it may be to attend conferences, meetings, lectures or any class to help grow his company.


It is applicable to people who have a family member who is eligible and ready to become a sponsor for the visit visa. To become a sponsor, the person must be a PR in Australia and must have completed his 18th birthday.

What Do You Need to Apply?

  • A passport that is valid and has blank pages, which will expire only after three months from the date of your stay in Australia.
  • Old passports, if there are any with your name.
  • Two passport photos of you that were shot recently as per the specifications mentioned on the official website.
  • An online application form that is completely filled up with the correct details.
  • The documents that support the reason for your visit.
  • Your bank account statement as a proof that there is enough money you will require for your stay and travel to the country.
  • Income tax returns that you have filed in the past three years.
  • The proper medical test certificate with your name shows that you are perfectly alright to travel.
  • Your booked flight tickets for the travel to and return and accommodation that is reserved in Australia.

Stages Involved

  • Choosing the right visa stream for you.
  • Downloading the application form from the official site and filling it up.
  • Submitting or uploading the documents to support the application.
  • Paying the necessary amount as a fee.
  • Booking an appointment with the centre and going for the interview.
  • Verification of your application.

Granting the visa if you are eligible.

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