Top 10 Places to Visit in England

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England is known as one of the best travel destinations globally because of its infrastructural facilities, cultural acceptance and easy visa procedures. The place has some of the most beautiful beaches and heritage sites and is famous for its festivals, games, and music. Around 25 million foreign nationals visit the country each year. Apply for an England tourist visa today and make this vacation wonderful with your loved ones. Here are some of the main tourist attractions that you cannot forget to visit in England. 

Most Visited Tourist Spots in England

Warwick Castle

The palace was constructed by the conqueror William, and it showcases the history of great battles. You can visit the place and have a chance to see the massive collection of weapons and ancient musical instruments within the place.


The area covers over 900 miles, beautifully stretched with lush green meadows, golden buildings, and rolling hills. It includes five beautiful rural countries that are known for honey-hued stone architecture.

Lake District National Park

The area covers 900 square miles and includes the country’s 12 largest lakes. It is where you can spend your time away from city life amidst nature. The scenic beauty is what attracts a lot of visitors to the place. You can also take a boat tour across the lake. 

York Minster

It is considered to be one of the most glorious cathedrals in the world. Consequently, it has great significance in the history of York. The place is surrounded by medieval guildhalls, churches and half-timbered homes that showcase the medieval era. 

Windsor Castle

It is the largest and most ancient inhabited castle in the world. The royal place showcases the British monarchy’s history and tradition. The palace is ideal for people who love architecture and are interested in British culture. 


Located in Wilshire, it is the most visited and recognized location in England. It is a world heritage site that showcases the medieval world. It is the most sophisticated and the only persisting linteled stone circle globally. 

Tower of London

It is known as the royal palace and fortress of her majesty. The castle is a beautiful architectural structure situated on the banks of the river Thames. You can also see the collection of famous crown jewels decorated with exceptional diamonds inside the palace. 

Chester Zoo

It is one of the most visited places in England outside London. It is a location stretched to 125 acres of land with over eleven thousand animals living inside. The place is the habitat of more than 400 different species. The site is an ideal destination to visit with your family. 

Durham Cathedral

Situated in the Northeast of England, the church is the country’s most significant Norman building. The place is famous among tourists for its architectural structure and incomparable setting. In addition, it is a most renowned pilgrimage destination for Christians and is a working church that is open on a daily basis. 
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