Which are the Different Types of Schengen Visas

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The Schengen visa allows its holder to visit many European countries by eliminating the hassle of visa application. This article will help you understand what a Schengen visa is and how you can apply for the right type. A Schengen long term visitor visa application process is also possible when you meet all the essential requirements, including having a valid visa and health insurance.

 The Requirements

  • You are required to have the respective visa application form. Please fill it out completely.
  • Attach your passport-sized pictures.
  • Passport with more than six months validity time.
  • Temporary health insurance to provide your accessible medical facilities in case of any injury.
  • Bank receipts as evidence of having enough funds to afford the stay and accommodation.
  • The proof of your stay reservations.

Schengen Visa Types

Visa for Airport Transit

type A Schengen visa is needed when the applicant moves from one non-Schengen country to another country not part of the Schengen area. He just has a connecting flight and requires a visa just for the flight transit. Regardless of you have one hour stay, you are still needed for this type of A Schengen transit visa.

Visa for a short stay

type B Schengen visa is issued to those applicants who have a short-term, less than a week visit to any Schengen country.

Visa for Long Stay

This visa is what most people acquire when they want to visit all the Schengen countries. Most of the time, it is issued by the Schengen countries embassies present in the applicant’s home country. You can stay up to 90 days in any or all Schengen countries and have a reasonable duration of 180 days with this visa.

According to your visa requirements and plans, you can opt for different entry options in type C.

  • If you apply for a single-entry visa, you can enter the Schengen zone just for once, and if you leave, regardless of whether the validity is over not, your visa will be expired.
  • The other is a double-entry visa, which lets its holder enter the area two times during 180 days.
  • The third-choice option is a multiple entry visa where you can freely leave or enter the Schengen area as per your liking within a valid time, which is six months. 

There are different types of multiple-entry visas, which allow you to permit one year to three and five to stay.

Visa for Years Stay

Type D visa offers a long-term stay to the applicants from 16 weeks to 12 months validity. These are the primary visa types the Schengen countries offer to other countries citizens. And, if you are planning for the application, Immigration Consultants in Muscat can clear your confusion and help you with the process.

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